The Humpbacks come to Maui & surrounding islands in November and stay through May. Their complex and secretive nature eludes mans efforts to understand these Magnificent creatures. Sometimes the whales allow us brief glimpses into their lives, these rare windows in time are priceless treasures.

I am privileged to work with Mark and Debbie Ferrari who head up the Center For Whales Studies whale research team. They have spent 25 years collecting these pieces of information and intuition together to help understand how we humans can best support these incredible animals. The whale images presented here have been approved by National Marine Fisheries Service. Permit #807

Dolphins: If I only had one word to describe these delightful creatures it would be "FUN", they swim, jump, splash, spin, and dive. The spinner dolphins travel in large schools numbering in the hundreds. Dolphins may be found in the warm waters between the islands.


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