Turtles: Green sea turtles are delightful sea creatures that seem rather sluggish, curious, and sometimes friendly.

Since turtles have been removed from restaurant menus and placed on the Endangered Species List they have made an amazing recovery. Turtles are plagued with a virus that produces internal and external tumors that eventually kill them. It appears to be a slow and pitiful death. While some turltles are not affected, researchers like George Balazs are doing extensive research to determine the cause for this condition. George has observed that turtles that live near densely human populated areas have a much higher incident of infected turtles. This points to human influence affecting wildlife. #4800 is a large female green sea turtle that George tagged at French Frigate Shoals with at radio transmitter that sends data to a satelite. #4800 swam to the shallow waters of West Maui documenting her journey of approximately 700 miles in a few months

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